Twin flames what are they and have you found yours

twin flames

There is a lot to talk about when we hear the word “Twin Flame”, or who is your “Twin Flame”. There is also some misconception to even confusion muddled up with Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Let me tell you now Twin flames and soul mates are totally different altogether. Soul mates are known as perfect matches on a spiritual kind of level, to which twin flames are like a mirror image of ourselves. Not seeing these after look like us now that would be weird.

Twin flames have the same traits as us and we will find if you are in a relationship who you may think is your twin flame well you may be right. Twin flame relationships tend to be one of those relationships which are on and off all the time. You know the type you break up with someone then your back with them again off and on to off again.

You get the idea right, well these tend to be the twin flames we are talking about. You may feel very intense and sometimes overwhelming feelings around them to passionate and sometimes hurt and pain around these individuals when you feel hurt by them. Being with your twin flame can teach you more about your self as they bring it out in us by just been in their presence. This could really show us and help us to see who we are and what we can do.

Are You In a Twin Flame Relationship?

The first thing to look out for if you are in a relationship right now and if you are wondering if this person your twin flame. Then ask your self this, do you feel drawn to them, meaning without any reason or cause you may feel as tho you met this person before you even met. Sounds weird I know but there are so many known cases where some couples have even been in past lives together.

Twin flames in a relationship can feel overwhelming at times in a good way. When we split or fall out with these people our heart feels as tho it has been ripped apart and stamped on. We tend to do not let go of these people. You may find one minute your with them to next minute you are not then all of a sudden your back with them like nothing as ever happened. You tend to both do the same things or even say the same things in synchronicity.

Synchronicity also is known in German as Synchronizität, which means coincidences. Also, known for doing something the same as the other person at the same time.

Since they have been in your life or with you, you may find your way of thinking has changed. You seem to look at things in life totally different or with a new set of eyes and mindset. Your mind has awakened more and expanded because of there love in your life.

You seem to sense familiarity with this person and yet feel a strange connection between them. You feel a strong connection as tho you have met before and even may sense the da Ja Vue feeling around them. This can also often you may have or could have had a past life connection with this person you are with. The connection is so strong you may even joke with one another “Perhaps we met in another life”. Well, you could be right!

10 Signs that you have found Your Soul Mate

  1. A strong connection with one another, with many moments involving Synchronicity and Da Ja Vue.
  2. You feel very Overwhelmed with there presence as they are in the room with you strong vibes and a lot of energy.
  3. You have had visions of them in dreams or premonitions before you even got with them.
  4. You feel as tho you have met previously in a past life.
  5. You seem to also sense how each other is feeling with the use of telepathy. Also, this would be a good experiment for you both to do try to read each other’s minds you be surprised how well you will do.
  6. Even tho you both go through troubled times you are still together fighting strong and can get through anything.
  7. You are on and off all the time but still going strong every time you are with each other. You may fall out with each other over silly little things but still end up back in each other’s arms once again.
  8. Does not matter if something annoys you about your lover you still feel a strong connection and love for them which grows more and more. You feel you can not live without them.
  9. You seem to look at life more differently since you have been in there presence. You think different and seem to feel much more creative and a positive outlook on things in life.
  10. If you are apart from your twin flame for long periods of times you feel lost and can be intense feeling not having them near you. You feel your best when you are with them.