Solve the biggest problems with psychic intuition

Life can be a bit daunting at times, what is life without problems that is what life is about right? Learning from mistakes to even solve problems in your life to then eventually move forward. But what if you have certain problems which keep arising, can we solve these with our psychic intuition. You may have heard the expression “Ask and you shall receive”, well this also applies to your intuition. In this post, I will go into how you can use you daily psychic intuition with meditations to even guidance on how to solve the biggest problems with psychic intuition.

This blog will help with some problems you may have but I am not a doctor so if you feel the world is on your shoulders there are people out there who can help. We will learn how to use your psychic intuition to solve a problem or some of your biggest problems.

We are only human and the biggest part of life are problems we can easily run into. We can often fall into deep depression, sadness and most of the time we tend to try deal with it ourselves. Before I can continue let me just say one thing if you are dealing with major problems which are making you feel very depressed and you feel you can no longer go on please consult a doctor or even professional advice.

How to use your Psychic Intuition to Solve a Problem

It all really depends on the type of problem you are facing, it may be a relationship break up or money problems. The most popular in this day of age is money problems. Before we are unable to look at any of our problems we need to quiet our minds, our minds can get very busy with thoughts flying through all the time. Thoughts such as “I need to pay the bills” to “I must remember to put the bins out” you get what I mean. Our minds are always focusing on other jobs before they need to be done. If we learn to quiet our minds and focus our attention on our problems at hand you will see some success.

Meditation here is the major key to help quiet the mind, I have mentioned meditation dozens of times throughout my blog. Meditating is an excellent way not just to help with intuition and problem solving but it can also improve your health such as stress reduction and also improve blood pressure. Just simply doing 15 minutes of meditation daily or twice a day can majorly improve your life and yes your thoughts too.

Closing your eyes and sitting straight and just simply taking deep breaths. Deep breaths through your nose and holding for the count of 4 before exhaling out of the mouth and doing this repeatedly over and over telling your self in your mind you are relaxed and at peace. Do this for around 15 minutes, if it helps also visualise a box now place your thoughts and worries what you are thinking about in this box. See your self-locking this box and then the box disappears.

When you are meditating you may see images relating to the problem that you want solving. If you don’t see images then now you have a quiet mind you can solely focus your attention on that problem now. So now I want you to think about the problem what is on your mind or to which you are worried about. Take note of what comes to your mind. Do you see any colours? Maybe you see images of people? or you may even see little video clips playing in your mind? Whatever you see take note of what are they trying to tell you or show you. You could also ask your guardian angel or spirit guide to draw close to you and ask them “What is the best way to solve this problem” which you should state what your problem actually is.

You will get the answers you need just focus and you will get answers from your higher self and your Psychic Intuition and also from spirit.

Use Tarot & Angel Cards

If you own a tarot card deck or even angel cards as these can be also very inspirational. If there is a problem on your mind and you need answers to the question then take out your cards and think about the problem in your mind. If it helps you can also say the problem what is bugging you out loud and ask your angels or the tarot cards this question and what is the best solution to your problem.

Give your self one card but also remember while saying the question or repeating it over and over in your mind as you shuffle the cards. Once you have done this take a card and look at it, what is it telling you? Take note of the card, the colour the feeling you are getting with this card. Does the card resonate to your question?

Feedback & Help

If this worked for you please comment below, or are you struggling with this I will help all I can. I know many ways to help members with there psychic intuition. Maybe there is something else you would like to learn on a spiritual level may be a certain psychic ability then please comment below and I can use your comments to help with insight in the next blog post.

solve the biggest problems with psychic intuition

Feel free to share on Pinterest blessings and love and light to everyone always. I will also keep adding more to this article every so often to keep it going and helping those who need the intuition.