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discover your past lives

Do you believe in life after death, what about being in another life before this one? Past Lives discover past lives to gain more information on your current life. Many people look into this area by using the hypnosis approach but as that is a way to do this also so is meditation and other routines.

What is a Past Live

A past life is a life we have lived before the one we are in now. Better known as a reincarnation, many people believe when we die we are eventually reborn into another new life. Past lives can often reflect the walking waking lives we live today, they often can help reflect a problem or any conflict. I hear so many people asking “Have I had a past life” Yes, in my opinion, we have all had many lives for many 100s to 1000s years.

Why Can’t We Remember Our Past Lives

Everything we go through which we have no knowledge about is stored in our subconsciousness. Have you ever heard of someone not knowing about something and they go for hypnotherapy and they go under hypnosis? Once they go under most times they will come out with things they most likely knew nothing about. This is all coming from the subconsciousness, some think because they can’t remember they often think “Well I never had a past life otherwise I would know about it”. That is not how it all works!

So how do we remember our past lives, like I mentioned earlier there are many ways to trigger our memory of past lives.  Most famous is hypnosis but there are other ways by tapping into our subconsciousness with meditation and visualisation. With your first few attempts, you may not have much success but another hand you might. This takes time and practice above all patience, they say if you want something so bad you won’t stop till you get it.


Past Lives And How To Discovery Yours


So why would someone want to discover their past lives, many want to discover just the thought of knowing. Some may even think it will show them why who they are today or why the way they are. We will look into how you can discover your past life and what you can gain out of it just some basic exercises to help tap into the subconsciousness.

Set your self a time in the day when you know you will not be disturbed. Find a darkish room to use away from everyone else, this is often a good place in your bedroom. Lay on your bed and relax, and get ready to take a journey inside your mind. Close your eyes and relax with your arms down by yourself. Now focus on your breathing to relax you more and more.

Visualise a bright white light surrounding your whole body. Feel the warmth it brings and also try to forget about the today problems and relax. See the light covering from head to toe vibrating your whole well being. Say to your self or out loud, “I breathe in this white light of love and protection I only allow positive energy in my life”.

You may add more if you wish or in your own words. Mentioning only positivity is important and allow no Negativity. Try to say it over and over again a number of times and let it be set in your mind.

Still with Eyes Closed and Focus on Breathing

Now visualise your self-standing in a hallway which is narrow and very long. It is very important to see as much detail as you possibly can, see this as a cathedral hallway. See the walls and surroundings made from gemstones or crystals. However, you visualise this try and keep it the same every time you conduct your past life work.

As you begin to walk down this long hallway you see a bright gold door at the very end. Visualise walking up to this door and turn the door nob. See your actual self-turning this and slowly opening the door and when you enter you are about to discover a past life.

Remember this is the most important part as when you enter the door you must accept the first thing you see. Whatever you see beyond this door is past life-related. So take notes after this meditation, don’t break off and don’t open your eyes enjoy the moment. Try and see what is going off around you in this past life, can you sense the year. Don’t let doubt come into this don’t put yourself down this is actually a past life you are seeing.


If you are not seeing anything be patient give your self-time, you may not be relaxed as much. Don’t overdo the visualising after you enter the door. Things should just come to you. If you are still struggling in this when you entered the door look at everything around you visualise looking at your footwear what are you wearing?

Try different things which can trigger these past lives, also invite your spirit guide to help you. Accept everything you see as truth and knowledge once you have seen enough slowly come out of meditation.

Repeat this method every time you want to look into a past life each time you do this you notice different things. Try keep a notepad or journal beside you for after you done this you can keep notes. This really does work and is one of the best methods I help people with for going through and discovering past lives.

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