10 minute guided meditation relaxation female voice

10 minute guided meditation relaxation female voice

We are busy human beings we live our lives day in day out. If you have 10 minutes you can do this guided meditation with a female voice meditation relaxation. These meditations will help you reach pure complete relaxation within minutes.

This is a video I wanted to share credit goes to great meditation. After the video below, I will post information on my own meditations which I write for people. I now want to share with all of you. I am experienced with meditation and writing them with basic to advanced.

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Simple Meditation

  • 10 Minutes – This meditation should last you 10 minutes.
  • Do Not Disturb – It is ideal for you to find somewhere where you will not be disturbed.
  • Focus on Breathing – During the meditation below, when I mention deep breathe in through the nose and hold for 4. You hold for 4 seconds then exhale out your mouth. Repeat the process throughout the entire meditation. This will also help you reach relaxation much faster.

Find somewhere where you wont be disturbed, a quiet place with a normal temperature. Not too cold nor too warm, then when you are ready make sure you are sat up straight or layed down if you prefer but this can suggest to your mind sleep.

Once you are comfortable it is time now to close your eyes and relax. Focus your attention on your breathing. Deep breathe in now through your nose allowing more oxygen to the brain allowing you to relax more. Hold for the count of 4, before slowly exhaling out through the mouth.

Repeat this process over and over again, so deep breathe into the nose and hold for 4 seconds. Then exhale out the mouth keep doing this through the whole meditation.


As you keep doing the deep breathing techniques I want you now with your eyes still closed, imagine you are walking through a field with long grass and the sun is shining down on you. On every inhale you do, tell yourself you are much calmer, relaxed and at peace. In the distance you notice a cottage, keep walking through the field until you approach the cottage.

When you approach the cottage you see yourself walking up to the door. There is a sign on the door saying “No Negativity allowed” you try to open the door but it is locked. The only way to get inside is to get rid of all negativity. You look down and see a small black steel box.

On the box, it says “place thoughts in here”, sounds strange I know, just go with it. Take a deep breath as you feel much calmer, and I want you to place your negative thoughts in this box, once you have done this, close the box. As you do this, as soon as you close the box you hear the door unlock.

Walk back to the door and open it, walk inside and you notice in this cottage is peace and calm feeling to it. Deep breath and walk around the cottage, you notice there is another room and you walk over and open the door. As soon as you enter you notice the room is bright white.

Meditation Relaxation Healing Room

This room is the healing room and all you can see in this pure white room is a bed. It looks like an hospital bed, as you walk over towards the bed you notice some machine at the side of the bed.

Now see your self climb on to the bed and lay down, as you do this you hear the machine make a little noise. As some piece of apparatus contraction moves over your body. Stay calm and deep breathe as you notice this machine is apart of the healing.

See the machine emanate white light as it covers your feet and moves upwards very slowly. Relax and feel calmer and know that you are getting healed. Your aura is being cleansed and making you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

As it heals your feet and moves upwards onto your legs healing making you more calmer and relaxed at peace. Feeling this makes you feel more energy, more positivity. Deep breath as the light goes over your chest and finally your head. Remain in this for a few moments. Relax and feel more at peace.

When you are ready, see your self climb off the bed as soon as you do so you hear the machine click off. Make your way back out the room and leave the cottage. Knowing that when ever you feel drained or exhausted you can come here and regain your energy.

Walk back through the field slowly, as you do so deep breathing making more aware of your surroundings.

meditation relaxation – Coming out of Meditation

Count down in your mind from 20 down to 0, do this slowly. When you reach 0 you can now open your eyes. Do not move straight away sit in the peace and quiet for a while before moving. Do this for 10 minutes daily, once you get used to it you can do it longer up to 20 minutes making you even more relaxed. You should be in relaxation mode lol, after doing the meditation. This does work, I use this same technique daily and reach complete relaxation.


Using meditation in your life can bring so much better health and lifestyle for you, even better health to deeper relaxation. There are so many resources out there, also be sure to check out this article meditation for beginners.

I do hope this article helped you and please check out more articles on my blog, with that been said try to keep up meditation daily if you can. Try to dedicate a certain time of day and keep to the schedule. This will program your mind and will help you keep to the routine. Hope the meditation relaxation benefits you all.

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