Look into The Future With Dice – Dice Readings

Look into The Future With Dice

Ever wanted to give guidance to your friends or family, want to use dice to seek and see what the future as in store for you. Readings with dice in this post will teach you how to read your self or even others using 3 dices so carry on reading and get those dice rolling.

In the old ancient Egyptians and as well as Romans sought to answer just by the roll of a dice. They frequently used this method to see future insights to seek answers by using dices. In fact, this method is actually still as popular today then it was back then if not even more popular. The way to seek answers with Dice for future insight is very easy to do and can be highly effective.

Before diving straight into readings with Dice, it is ideal for you to light a white candle as this will connect you with spirit. You can also choose to burn your chosen incense stick, I normally use sandalwood but any is ok to use. You may also choose to sit in prayer which you can then ask your guides and spirit for assistance which they will gladly help you with. For example when in prayer say “Please help and guide me to truth and knowledge and help me seek the answers to my questions”.

You will then need a small cup and three dices, place the dice in the small cup and then ask a question. “Will I be promoted in my career” or anything you need insight with maybe love, career or money, and finance wise.
Simply ask this question which is on your mind and also has it in your mind while asking for assistance from the spirit and your guides. When you are ready give it a little shake and then throw the dice from the cup/mug onto a cloth or soft material. You may use s small scarf or other material it is up to you.
When you roll the dice if they seem to roll off of the material this may be indicating to you that in your life there are obstacles coming ahead. If 2 or 3 of the same dices have exactly the same number can often mean a fortuitous sign. You can also add each number to each dice and follow below to what they mean.
Interpreting the numbers

Dice Number Meanings

THREE = This can indicate there is a pleasant event or surprise coming up for you.
FOUR = Be aware of delays and some frustrations ahead.
FIVE = Some new experiences and opportunities upcoming.
SIX = This will hold a few minor setbacks in your plans.
SEVEN = Don’t be stuck in the rumours or don’t be sidetracked by ideal gossip.
EIGHT = Try to not get into underhanded tactics in your place of work.
NINE = Embrace for new romance, or if in a relationship this will show the spark back in your life.
TEN = New beginnings on the arising.
ELEVEN = something coming close to an end, also temporary two close friends parting.
TWELVE = Some news or long waited message finally on its way to you.
THIRTEEN = Time to come head on and face those fears.
FOURTEEN = New relationship love is in the air…
SIXTEEN = Time to listen to those gut feelings and start trusting your instincts.
SEVENTEEN = Some travelling upcoming.
EIGHTEEN = When you add the numbers and if you get 18 then this is a sign of complete success in your life combined with happiness and a lot going for you in everything you do in your life.