Ways to Increase Psychic Perception & Clairvoyance Ability

Increase Psychic Perception

There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Well, stay tuned in this post you will learn The Real Ways to Increase Psychic Perception & Clairvoyance Ability. You may keep hearing about chakras and the third eye. Yeah, this is true it is important but there is more to just the third eye opening. You need to learn how it opens in the first place and what to do to increase your visions. In this blog post, I will show you a few ways to work on your clairvoyance and increase your psychic perception to also be the best clairvoyant you can be.


Firstly, Clairvoyance is the art of seeing, this is clear seeing in the mind’s eye. The third eye, which is located in the pineal gland in the brain. The third eye in meditations and visualizations whilst working with chakras you can locate between the brow of your eyes. But before we mention more on the third eye and chakras we will mention more on strategies to prepare you for seeing these visions much more clearer.

If you are not seeing them clear we will help you. The main thing is with clairvoyance is clear seeing right. So we need to help you with visualization, practice visualizing and you will be more alert and attuned to your clairvoyance ability and will be soon developing by fine-tuning your clairvoyance and much more…

Getting Started – Learning Meditation

Before sharpening any psychic skill the only way you will succeed or even to improve is through meditation. If you don’t meditate on a daily routine then your not going to improve anything. Many people think they can just get into doing readings and any form of psychic experiments and developing without meditating. Meditation is the most important part of your psychic development and should be used daily and how you commit to it is easy as you will have to choose a certain time to meditate and dedicate to that specific time every day.

Doing meditation at a certain time and at the same time every day will get your mind not just motivated but reprogram your mindset to that time each day. This will not just improve your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance ability but also your concentration and help clear the mind which is very important. As our minds can get busy with thoughts such as have I paid the gas bill to other known matters. Having a clear mind before performing any psychic sessions will help you give much more accurate information. Let’s get started with a powerful meditation to help you see information in your mind clearly.

Step 1 Guided Meditation


Find somewhere quiet where you know you will not be disturbed and wearing comfortable clothing. Also, before we start also I want you to try and do this at the same time every day for a week. You should keep it going after the first week as well but you may see some difference in your well being after the first week.

Once you found somewhere quiet now sit in a comfortable seat with your back straight and your hands on your lap palms facing upwards. Start by closing your eyes and deep breathe in through your nose and holding for the count of 4. Then exhale slowly out through the mouth, again breathe in through the nose and hold for 4 seconds and then slowly exhale out the mouth. Keep repeating this over and over as you do the following and don’t stop repeating the breathing process.

Now keep breathing in and out using the count of 4 methods in between your breaths. Whilst doing this I want you to in your mind visualize that you are walking down a thin narrow pathway. As you see yourself walking down this path you also see in the distance a beach. Keep seeing your self-walking down this path until you get to the beach and see yourself in your mind taking your shoes or footwear off. Now as you walk across this warm sunny beach you feel the sand between your toes it is soft and warm. Keep the breathing going your doing very well, and at the same time try and see the images of your self in your mind walking across this beach as clear as you can. If your mind starts to wander bring it back to the beach.

As you visualize walking along the beach with the sand in between the toes you notice as you breathe in you can feel the sea air and you may even smell it when doing this. Try and visualize as tho you were actually there the stronger and real as you can improve your clairvoyance and your visual imagery in your mind. As this is how we get our psychic visions as images/videos and often symbols in our mind’s eye (third eye). So as you are walking along the beach taking in the sea air and feeling the sand between your toes you also feel the warmth of the sun radiating on you. Soak this in with every breath you take and see your self-finding a spot on the beach. Visualize yourself laying down on the sand and looking up at the sky you notice only a few clouds. Visualize these clouds forming shapes and use your imagination here to form them into whatever you like.

As you are visualizing these clouds and there form shape-shifting also imagine you can hear the sea wave after wave as it crashes to the shore. Try and visualize as well as hear every sound as you can this will help improve clairaudience abilities and also heighten your senses everytime you do this meditation. Now lay in this spot with the clouds forming and the waves crashing and just deep breathe and hold for 4 seconds through the nose and then exhale out the mouth. Keep doing this while staring at the clouds and hearing the movements of the sea. Keep in this spot for about 5 minutes and when your ready visualize standing up and making your way off the beach and back to the pathway. When you are a ready count down from 10 to 0 slowly. In between each countdown tell your self you are relaxed and calm. Once you get to 0 open your eyes slowly and sit there for a while before moving and slowly move.

Step 2 Practice daily Visualizations


Visualization is like we did above with the whole breathing process we call meditation. The visualizing is the images/scenes we play in our minds as visualizing helps our mind’s eye get its strength to which we need when developing clairvoyance.

Practicing daily visualizations helps strengthen the inner eye we mentioned above called the third eye. People always ask me “Why are children psychic” or are “children psychic” yes they are psychic and why are children so in touch with there abilities is easy and simple. Visualizations and also when we were a child remember how we use to imagine things so vivid and clear. Perhaps you imagined being in a castle or taking on or saving the world. Spirits also love imagination, when we use our imagination through visualization we raise our energies. So keep practicing visualizing, do this during any meditation you do the more vivid and imaginative the better.

Some people say “I try to visualize but I can’t” or “I find it hard to keep an image or video playing in my mind”. Well, practice, I will give you a few simple and easy way to practice visualizing tips to mastery it and also learn how to keep your mind focused on one thing at a time. As I mentioned in the meditation our minds can wander its completely normal.

Example Visualize tips

  1. Beach Ball: Firstly, to get good at visualizing if you find it difficult to visualize try and close your eyes and see a beach ball in your mind. See the different colors the beach ball as, take your time and relax don’t force it just take as long as you need. Now, this is a very simple visualization and it will strengthen your inner vision to help with visualizing. Be sure to also check our third eye opening page as opening the third eye chakra will help immensely with psychic perception and increase your visualizing capabilities. So see this beach ball and its colors and all you need to visualize is watching it bounce in one spot in your mind. See how long you can keep the ball bouncing. That is all you do for this exercise it will strengthen your visualizing abilities and your mind’s eye.
  2. Opening Flowers: Close your eyes and visualize a flower, the best one is a rose or lotus. See the flower with a closed up rosebud in your mind’s eye. Slowly petal by petal see the flower and visualize as vivid as you can. See the petals open slowly and keep doing this until you see the flower fully open. If you are finding it hard visualizing flowers then you could try to visualize an umbrella opening. Practice getting it right try it with different colors as this is very important to master. You will need this flower method when you move on to opening your chakras which are very important.
  3. Candle flame: Get yourself a tea light candle and light it, place it in front of you and just stare at the flame. Stare between the orange and blue part of the flame and concentrate. Then after a while close your eyes and see if you can visualize the flame in your mind. See the flame in your mind as it either flickers or grows and the colors of the flame.
  4. Practice makes perfect: Practice all these above and this will strengthen your abilities to visualize. Mix them up a little or make up your own visualizations. Above all than practice also you will need to learn how to open and close your 7 major chakra system and third eye. I have not put them in this article because I want you to learn more about visualizing before you move on to chakras. Because when you are working on Chakras it is important to be good at visualizing so check the 2 posts below which you will find useful.

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