The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Psychic Abilities

developing your psychic abilities

Are you wanting to learn to develop your psychic abilities, we are all psychic just some are more in tune with their abilities than others. The Ultimate Guide to developing your psychic abilities is here, as we break down each part of the development and how to fine-tune your gifts. We all are born with these capabilities just as we get older we learn from our parents and elders that what is real and what is not real.

When we are children our imaginations are great we can visualize easier and we often pretend we are superheroes or we save the world. Well as you develop I want you to bring back those fun times as it is important to be able to imagine and visualize as clearly as you possibly can.

In this guide, I will walk you through the most important areas of psychic development and where to start if you are a beginner wanting to learn then this is a great guide for you to follow all the sections below. Even if you are at a much more advanced level can do any of the following in this article. So let us begin our journey on the right path to our much more spiritual selves.

1. Meditation

psychic development meditation

The main key to any form of learning any psychic abilities you are wanting to develop is meditation. Meditation quieting the mind and relaxes the body which is essential in psychic development. We need to raise our energy vibrations when working with higher energies such as spirits, angels and spirit guides.

Well, any form of psychic work which meditation is a unique tool we can implement in our life daily lives to not just better our selves with health our well-being and also connect more to our higher selves and the psychic world. If you are a beginner or even advanced I wrote an article on Meditation for beginners to advanced article. I will also demonstrate a quick meditation below to kickstart the start of the ultimate guide to developing your psychic abilities.

Before we go into a quick meditation for you what are the benefits of meditation, not just quieting the mind or relaxing. There are many benefits of meditation for one it reduces stress, depression, helps control anxiety and Lengthens Attention span. It can also help with blood pressure and other health benefits can help you concentrate a lot better than you usually could. So there are just a few benefits there are so much more, for now here is a quick and easy meditation. Do this daily and every time you feel stressed or on everyday routine. Also, use this every time you embark on practicing or using any of your psychic abilities mixed with other visualizing exercises you will find on this blog.

Quick Meditation


Make sure you find somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Wear loose clothing and not anything tight for example; I wouldn’t wear jeans are these are tight. Once you are ready to start by closing your eyes and sitting up straight with your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. Once you are comfortable start by focusing your attention on your breathing and take a deep breath through your nose and hold for the count of 5. Then slowly exhale out through the mouth and again deep breath through the nose, hold for 5 seconds and then slowly exhale out the mouth.

Do this repeatedly throughout this meditation, as you keep focusing on your breathing. Try to visualize in your mind and as clear as you can a warm summers day and you are stood on a beach with no shoes or socks on. As you visualize yourself stood on a beach you hear the ocean waves lapping and approaching the shore. See yourself walking across the beach and as you do you feel the sand in between your toes. Find a spot on this beach and see yourself laying on the beach and as you do you see the odd few clouds float by.

Coming out of Meditation

Keep breathing deep and exhaling, stay in this spot now throughout this meditation. Keep staring at these clouds see them float slowly as you deep breath in through the nose holding for 5 and then slowly exhaling out through the mouth. Keep hearing the sounds of the ocean waves and any other nature sounds and seagulls, keep deep breathing and remain in this spot now throughout this meditation. When you feel you are relaxed and calm and ready to come out of meditation deep breath and count down from 10 to 0. Once you do this slowly open your eyes and sit for a moment before moving and going about your day.

2. Auras

psychic development auras

The human Auric field as many know of and scientist like to call the electromagnetic energy field that emanates from the human body. The human aura is all around us often egg-shaped and has 7 layers which are known as the Auric bodies. I have written an article on how one can see their aura in learning to see the aura

Every layer of the Auric field as its own energy frequency, which can affect different emotions we go through in life. An aura can change on a daily basis, for example; who remembers the mood rings we had as children what reflects on our moods and the ring would change color to how we feel. Then look at the Auric field has a mood ring, the feelings we go through and the moments in our daily routines alters our Auric energy field and emanates different colors.

We can learn the colors and also learn to see the aura and we can initiate how one feels by observing this Auric field. This is how some psychics do readings, by learning to see the aura works in your favor and you can do aura readings. Seeing and reading the aura is one of the easiest psychic abilities to develop and also one of the fastest to develop.

The easiest method to seeing your Auric field is with your hand ill demonstrate this below. All you will need is plain what paper or a white background and dim lighting. You can also check more ways to see your aura on learning to see the aura.

Seeing Your Aura

All you will need as I mentioned is a plain white sheet of paper or a white background. Make sure you’re in a dim-lit room and place your hand palms down on the paper. Then raise your hand 1-inch off the paper or background and make sure your fingers are slightly spread out but not too much. Now stare in between your fingers, Important not at your fingers but in between them at the white paper or background. Keep staring often if it makes it easier shift your focus.

Just like you would with a camera lens when it goes out of focus. Make your eyes blur and then shift back to normal. Doing this a few times adjusts your eyes and within a few moments when staring you will start to see a color outline around your fingers.

Important do not lose your concentration keep staring in between the fingers, do not move sight on to your fingers. Keep looking in between them and you will notice a fade haze of color around your fingers this is your aura. Practice this a few times to master it, if it starts to hurt your eyes then you must take a break and try again later on and give your eyes a rest before returning.

When you get good at this do the similar but with someone else stood in front of a white background and stare at their shoulders. This is the best place to see someone else Auric field, same as your hand staring at the shoulders but not directly at the shoulders and you will start to see a color often gray or faint blue color is the first you will see.

Make notes on every time you do this in a journal or a psychic development diary, you can always come back to see your progress. Practice this to get better at this psychic ability as I said earlier that this is the easiest ability to develop in any psychic ability.

3. Psychic Protection & Grounding

psychic development psychic protection

When working with any higher energies with psychic development even the people we interact with we should always use some form of psychic protection. In my article in more detail on Psychic Protection and Psychic Attacks. But why protect yourself around people? Well, have you ever had a friend around for a chat and they feel low and fed up maybe even sad and depressed. You talk to them and help them feel better about themselves and when they leave cheered up, you notice you start to feel the way they did. Well, they have passed the energy on to you this is why they feel great now and you feel terrible.

This is why when helping others like this you should always use psychic protection. Most importantly use psychic protection through meditation when trying to work with higher energies such as spirits, guides and any form of psychic work through clairvoyance and mediumship.

Quick Psychic Protection Exercise

Relax and go into a meditative state, once you are comfy with your eyes remaining closed start focusing on your breathing. Deep breathe in through your nose and hold for the count of 5 then slowly exhale out the mouth. Keep doing this as you visualize a white light shining down on you from above, it starts to form shape this white light to an egg-shaped white light. See it cover your entire body and while you do this you feel warm and safe. See it all around you covering you from head to toe.

Telling yourself you are relaxed and full of energy and protected by outside influences. Deep breathe in and as you do you breath in the what light. Remain to do this for a few moments and when you are ready then count down 10 to 0 and slowly open your eyes. If you want more information on Psychic Protection to check the article on psychic protection and psychic attacks.

4. Chakras

psychic development chakras

The chakras are the main area we like to concentrate on when developing any psychic abilities. They are the doorway to our abilities and well-known to be the key to tuning into the spirit world and beyond. Chakras are often known as wheels of energy aligned from our crown of the head to the base of our spine. The most important energy centers are the 7 major chakras which in turn opening each one in meditation as benefits for each one, the most common one many people focus on is the one in between the brow of our forehead between the eyes. The Third Eye chakra which is the key and main ingredient for clairvoyance.

This is the chakra what makes it possible for us to use visualization and inner seeing with our mind’s eye. This is the chakra what does this, now there is a lot of information on chakras which I will not go into detail here. If you want to learn about them and each chakra and their purpose and how to open them then check this article Chakras for beginners and Opening the 7 Major Chakras. If you a serious about developing your psychic abilities this and psychic protection are the most important in psychic development to learn.

5. Psychometry

psychic development Psychometry

Psychometry ability is the ability to discover and read objects from people and reading from the energy what is imprinted on to the object. Yes, everything around us is energy, from everything around us to the objects we own and so on. It is somewhat kind of Scrying if this makes sense, seeing something which is not physically there. It is absorbed into the object its self.

This is a unique gift to develop and can easily be developed been able to do psychometry is an extraordinary gift to have. So how do you do Psychometry and how can you develop this ability, let us go into doing this now with a simple but easy exercise. Also, this is also one of the easiest abilities to get into and as well as auras.

How to Develop Psychometry


The first thing you need to do is wash your hands and then dry them make sure they are dry. Then go into a deep meditative state and raise your energies by focusing on your breathing. Do this for around 5 to 10 minutes to which you can also ask your guides to draw close to you and work alongside you while doing these tasks.

So you are now ready to begin you are relaxed and ready to go. Now I want you to rub your hands together this will activate the chakra energy points in your palms. Rub your palms together this will get the energy flowing and you will soon be ready to do your first reading.

Keep your hands together but also slightly part them an inch away from each other but facing one another. Slowly start to bring your hands apart and you may start to feel like a pulling sensation or any sensations. Good job if you do and start to rub your hands for a moment again.

  • Now hold an item in your hand this can be which is owned by someone else or maybe from a charity to shop.
  • It works best if it as someone else’s energy on the item.
  • Now close your eyes and relax as you hold the item between both hands.
  • As you do this you can ask questions in your mind if nothing comes to your mind straight away.
  • Allow mental images, symbols or even visions to enter your mind. Whatever you get and sense go with first impressions you be surprised on what you sense and how much you are able to pick up on.
  • Experiment with people you do not know, try different objects metals work best with rings, keys etc…

Always go with your first impressions, make notes afterward and if your reading for someone always give people what you see, feel and hear and so on. You be surprised how often something so silly can mean the world to someone. I will write a future post more on this subject, as this is an amazing gift to discover and develop. Good luck!

6. Meeting Your Spirit Guides

psychic development spirit guides

What are spirit guides? Are spirit guides the same as angels? How can they help us in our psychic abilities and throughout our development?

These are questions I get asked all the time and what would our ultimate guide be like without mentioning spirit guides. Spirit guides are our spiritual helpers in the world of spirit they have been with us since birth. We have many different types of guides which come in our lives and leave when they fulfilled their purpose. But the main guide we have is the one from birth our master spirit guide. We have such a connection with them often we may have had a past life with them.

Spirit Guides and angels may seem similar but there are completely different. Angels have never walked the earthly plane as to Spirit Guides have been once in human form and walked the earth plane. Also, spirit guides can help us in many situations the main one has been able to help us throughout our psychic development working with us when developing our psychic abilities. The main psychic abilities they work in and help in is mediumship. If you are wanting to contact your spirit guide then please also check the article How to contact your spirit guides.

Having your guide enter your life by inviting them into it helps with the connection. You can contact and meet your guide easy in the above article through meditation which will help you get to know them and get insight into your life and intuition from your guides.


7. Clairvoyance

psychic development clairvoyance

We have mentioned Clairvoyance in our previous posts such as What is Clairvoyance? to even Clairvoyance test & how to develop clairvoyance. But for the purpose of this article and to help you all with the ultimate guide to developing your psychic abilities, we will go over it here as well.

Clairvoyance meaning, clear seeing from the French word Clair meaning “Clear” and then we have Voyance meaning “Vision”. This is the ability to clearly see in what we refer to our Mind’s eye, which is related to the third-eye chakra. People with this ability of Clairvoyance are known as Clairvoyant and use it in mediumship.

This ability can be strengthened in psychic development by daily using meditation and visualization techniques. Have you ever gone into a daydream and you either imagine something in your mind to even thinking of a favorite scene from your favorite movie. As you see this in your mind this is how clairvoyants see the mental images in their mind’s eye.

The bouncing Beach Ball Exercise

Beach Ball Exercise

Here is a simple exercise to test your clairvoyance ability and also get the feeling of it… Close your eyes for a moment and want you to visualize a beach ball, yes a beach ball of all things. Why a beach ball? Well, a beach ball is full of different colors and the shape as well, this is ideal for those first practicing their visualizing skills. Practice it a few times to get the hang of being able to visualize with your eyes closed.

The more clear the image the better you will increase your clairvoyance skills. See it in your mind as tho you can see it as you were really looking at it. Visualize the beach ball in motion is the best way to get good at visualizing, see the beach ball bounce “that’s it just bounce the ball”.

This may seem difficult at first if you never visualized before but with practice, you will see results. See the beach ball bounce as clear as you can in your mind, see the colors and hear sounds if you wish. Make it as real as you can and this will increase your clairvoyance ability the more you practice the better and stronger it will become.


8. Keeping a routine & Psychic Development Diary

Psychic Development Diary

When developing your psychic abilities I often tell my students or whoever reads my articles to keep a journal or diary. Get your self a journal and name it Psychic Development diary and keep all your notes on your progression which does help when developing your abilities. You can make notes after you done a meditation to when you have seen your first aura to even if you practiced your abilities on giving someone a psychic reading.

Give yourself feedback, not just a diary but also write in your own meditations to your daily routine. Just like you would if you were keeping fit or sticking to a diet. Well, same goes for psychic development, keep a routine a plan of your day for when and what time you meditate.

I normally meditate twice a day, first thing in a morning before breakfast which gives me a clear head for the day ahead. I also, meditate at night allowing my mind and body to unwind after the day I have just had and allows me to enter sleep state more effectively.

9. Practice Makes Perfect!

practice makes perfect

As they say with anything you learn in life just like riding a bike practice makes perfect. This goes the same with developing your psychic abilities the more you practice the stronger and better you will get. You will not be a professional psychic overnight. It takes time and effort and dedication to be a good psychic, so keep your routine going. Keep meditating keep practicing you abilities by not giving up at the first hurdle. When working with higher energies so it will take time just be patient and above all enjoy it.

Being a psychic or medium is very rewarding and knowing you are helping others is also a great benefit and feeling. So practice all the above and be sure to check out other posts and articles on my blog, if you are viewing from WordPress drop me a follow. Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest if you enjoyed this blog and if it has helped you. If you are on Pinterest there is a graphic below to share.

developing your psychic abilities