20 Best Psychic development Books

20 Best Psychic development Books

When it comes to learning how to be a psychic, developing psychic abilities then certain books can help. 20 of my best psychic development books for developing your psychic abilities.

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20 of my favorite Psychic development books Highly recommended

These are just some of the books I have read on Psychic development. They have a lot of valuable information in these books which will put you a step in the right direction.

1. You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing​ by Debra Katz

psychic development books you are psychic

YOU ARE PSYCHIC” has been hailed as “the psychic’s bible” and has put tens of thousands of readers on the fast track to accessing and controlling their clairvoyant and healing abilities. In this 2015 revised edition by Living Dreams Press, “You Are Psychic” continues to open the eyes of readers and reverse the “blindness” of those cut off from their greatest gifts of insight and healing.

2. Third Eye: Proven Techniques to Increase Intuition

psychic development books third eye

Discover how to Awaken Your Third Eye!

Do you find yourself having relationship problems? Do you sleep with artificial lighting? Are you wondering how those two things are related? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.

The third eye has been a mystery to man for a long time. It is capable of helping people to achieve great things. In this book, you will learn how to open your third eye which will help you to see into different realms and allow you to see things in a different light. You will learn:How to open your third eyeThe history of the third eyeHow the pineal gland fits into thisThe benefits to having an opened third eyeAnd much more…

This is a great book for the person that wants to learn and experience more from life. You don’t have to go around with a blind third eye. Discover the Forgotten History of the Third Eye

Do you ever wonder how The Third Eye, the sixth of the seven chakras, came to fruition? Did you know that the Third Eye was held in high regard in Ancient Civilizations?

The Third Eye is an esoteric concept that refers to an invisible eye that offers vision beyond ordinary perception. In Hindu, spiritual tradition, it’s referred to as Anja energy or chakra. Eastern religions have always recognized the Third Eye as mystic, making it an integral part of Indian, Chinese, Buddhist and other Asian cultures.

Every teaching in metaphysics, including being awake in dreams, walking between multiple realities and transcending limitations has its doctrines firmly entrenched in the Third Eye symbolism. It is considered the fundamental building block of the entire spectrum of psychic skills.

3. Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing by Sara Wiseman

writing the divine book

Channeling and channeled writing isn’t just for gurus and mystics. Each of us has the ability to make a direct connection with a higher power for personal transformation and profound life change. With humor and warmth, Sara Wiseman shares clear, step-by-step instructions for channeling and channeled writing, including what to expect when first starting out. You will learn to use a journal for spiritual growth and to manifest your goals through writing. Once you get in the flow of Divine energies, you can receive answers to life’s questions and challenges, meet your spirit guides

4. Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman + Duane Packer

learn channeling

Opening to Channel is a book with a startling message for the millions of curious Americans who are eager to learn more about this fascinating experience. 

The authors, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, with their guides Orin and DaBen, have demonstrated that anyone can become a channel, connect at will with a spirit guide or their higher self, and achieve remarkable and life-changing results. This book takes the reader step-by-step into the experience of channeling. The book provides a frame of reference by weaving in the story of how the authors became channels and then taught other people how to channel. 

This has become a bestselling classic and a national and international best-seller. Sanaya and Duane’s books have been translated into over 24 languages, in over 2,000,000 books worldwide. 

5. Psychic development books Animal Speak by Ted Andrews (Best Seller)

speaking to animals psychic development book

Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the animal world.

Animal Speak provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature. Meet and work with animals as totems and spirit guides by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world.

Animal Speak shows you how to:

  • Identify, meet, and attune to your spirit animals
  • Discover the power and spiritual significance of more than 100 different animals, birds, insects, and reptiles
  • Call upon the protective powers of your animal totem
  • Create and use five magical animal rites, including shapeshifting and sacred dance

This beloved, bestselling guide has become a classic reference for anyone wishing to forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and mystery of the animal world.

6. Best Psychic development books: How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews

meet your spirit guides

Each of us can benefit from contact with the spiritual realm, and we often do so without realizing it. Spirit guides serve many roles and take many forms of expression within our lives. They inspire creativity and insight, help open us to abundance, protect us, and serve as our companions.

In How To Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, popular author Ted Andrews teaches you simple and effective techniques for establishing rapport with your angels and guides. Explore meditation, divination, fragrance, crystals, and other ways to connect with spirit helpers, and enjoy the many gifts and learning opportunities gained by working with:

  • Guardian angels
  • Spirit guides
  • Loved ones in spirit
  • Animal Totems
  • Nature spirits
  • Fairies

8. So You Want to Be a Medium? by Rose Vanden Eynden

Learn how to become a spiritual medium

Are you fascinated by the spirit world? Wish you could communicate with loved ones on the Other Side? According to Spiritualist minister Rose Vanden Eynden, everyone possesses innate capabilities for spirit communication. Emphasizing the principles of modern Spiritualism, So You Want to Be a Medium? demonstrates how to enhance one’s spiritual senses for working between worlds.

Through exercises involving meditation, breathing, dream work, symbols, and energy systems, the author teaches how to prepare one’s mind and body for spiritual communication. Readers also learn about the many kinds of spirit guides and elemental energies, how to get in touch with them, and how to interpret their messages. Whether you’re seeking to become a professional medium or simply interested in a closer connection to Creator, this fascinating guide to the spirit world can enrich your spiritual life-no matter what your religious background.

9. Channeling: What it is and how to do it by Lita de Alberdi


The best book on how to channel! Exercises based on material channeled from Lita’s guides, Ortan and Shalaya show you how to shift awareness to an expanded state of consciousness. You will work with guides and angels to use psychic protection, receive help with health and past-life issues, and enhance confidence and creativity. Resource list. Bibliography. Index.

10. You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method by Pete A. Sanders

your psychic you know

Learn how to tap into your own psychic abilities at will to experience virtually limitless knowledge and control of your own destiny. A program of simple exercises will teach you how to: experience nine senses, solve complex problems and handle difficult people with ease, and much more.

11. Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

mediumship cards

Previously published as Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. Your loved ones in heaven want to talk with you and share their love and reassurance to help heal your grief. With this talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, you can ask a departed friend or family member a question and receive answers through the 44 beautiful cards in the deck and the messages in the accompanying guidebook. Drawing upon James Van Praagh’s years of experience as a clairvoyant and spiritual medium, this deck offers you a healing tool to facilitate clear conversations with heaven.

12. Heaven and Earth by James Van Praagh

heaven and earth

In Heaven and Earth, world-renowned spiritual medium and bestselling author James Van Praagh reveals the techniques that anyone can use to contact “the other side.” Combining his own experiences with the testimony of others who have been touched by their spirit guides, Van Praagh encourages us to embark on our own journey of discovery, teaching us to 

recognize and listen to our own inner voices 
alter our awareness to make contact with the 
spirits of the departed 
interpret our dreams as messages from beyond 
use our inherent psychic gifts to help and heal others 

Most of us go through life without developing the wonderful, natural, God-given abilities inherent in all of us. In Heaven and Earth, James Van Praagh gives us the tools to bring them to life.

13. The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities by Echo Bodine

For thirty-five years renowned teacher Echo Bodine has been using her psychic powers to help people heal and get more clarity about the important issues in their lives. Now she presents a clear guide to developing psychic abilities.

In the first part of the book, “What Does It Mean to be Psychic?” The echo shows us that being psychic is a gift of the spirit we all have. Then she helps dispel the fear many people carry about psychics. A lot of this fear comes from the Church, and it’s based, as Echo puts it, on a profound misreading of the Bible. Echo says it best — with prose so simple and clear and inviting it’s just like, as one reader put it, sitting down and having a cup of tea with Echo.

14. The Complete Guide to Psychic Development: 100 Ways to Tap Into Your Psychic Potential by Cassandra Eason

If you’ve ever dreamed about an old friend and had them call the next day, or instinctively taken an alternate road to work and found out later that there was a serious accident on your normal route, you’ve experienced one of the most common psychic occurrences. At their simplest, psychic powers are the natural, powerful instincts and intuitions we all possess. 

In THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, Cassandra Eason outlines dozens of ways to tap into your hidden talents and develop psychic abilities like telepathy (mind-to-mind communication), clairvoyance (seeing the future), absent and contact healing, past-life regression, reading auras, and more. Packed with ideas and techniques drawn from many traditions, this comprehensive and accessible guide gives psychics of all abilities practical methods of developing deeper connections to the spiritual world.

15. The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, Carl Llewellyn Slate

psychic empowerment

Embark on the journey of a lifetime―master the psychic tools and techniques required to develop your highest potential and enjoy success beyond your wildest dreams.

Psychic empowerment is a continuous process of growth and self-discovery. When we are psychically empowered, we become increasingly aware of the boundless power within ourselves and the unlimited possibilities and opportunities around us and beyond. Through psychic empowerment, we can unleash vast inner sources of new growth potential and achieve new levels of personal fulfillment. We can lift our consciousness to a higher plane and add depth and greater meaning to our lives.

Written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate, PhD, this is the most comprehensive psychic development guide available anywhere. It is richly supported by detailed tables, charts, and developmental exercises. Incorporating the latest discoveries in quantum physics, it organizes the concepts of psychic empowerment into a progressive, cohesive plan that features straightforward instruction on a wealth of psychic empowerment methods and practices:

  • ESP
  • Astral Projection
  • Aura Reading
  • The Chakra System
  • Clairvoyance
  • Remote Viewing
  • Precognition
  • Dream Interpretation/Intervention
  • Psychokinesis
  • Remembering Past Lives and Life Between Lives
  • Telepathy and Self-Talk
  • Visualization
  • Divination
  • Crystal Gazing
  • Dowsing
  • Geomancy
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • I Ching
  • Spirit Communication
  • Runes
  • Sand Reading
  • Tarot Reading
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Tea Leaf and Coffee Ground Reading
  • Meditation
  • Magic Rituals and Shamanism

Each technique strengthens the divine spark of greatness existing in everyone―and leads to better health, happier relationships, greater financial success, and enhance spiritual growth.

16. The Practical Psychic: A No-Nonsense Guide to Developing Your Natural Abilities by Noreen Renier

practical psychic guide

Do you have psychic potential? Do you possess gifts that you fail to recognize? Can you really learn to develop and use these abilities? The answer to all three questions is yes. You were born psychic. You may not have a crystal ball, but you can learn how to recognize your innate ability and apply it practically to your everyday life. Through her work as the only psychic to ever work with the FBI, Noreen Renier has helped lead law enforcement authorities, crime victims, and distressed families to answers.

17. Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition by Terry Jamison, Linda Jamison

psychic intelligence

They have amazed audiences all over the world with their incredibly accurate predictions of global events, including earthquakes, terrorist threats, and, famously, the events of September 11, 2001. They’ve also worked one-on-one with countless clients who report that their predictions have later come true. Terry and Linda Jamison have undeniable psychic abilities . . . but so do you.

Now The Psychic Twins will help you tune in to and strengthen your own intuition, look into your future, and change your destiny. In this book, Terry and Linda share their astonishing gift with you. They give step-by-step instructions for how you can dissolve mental blocks and focus on exploring the Four Clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. By discovering and developing these essential keys to your psychic intelligence you will be able to:

  • Create strong and worthwhile relationships, including finding true love
  • Attract wealth and abundance
  • Know when to make a career change, and what your new path should be
  • Experience vibrant health
  • Discover your authentic self and life purpose.

At a time when so many of us are feeling confused and fearful, when hope is needed more than ever, PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE proves that we all have the power to create our own future.

18. Basic Psychic Development: A User’s Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance by John Friedlander + Gloria Hemsher

basic psychic development book

19. Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System by Sonia Choquette

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the Other Side that oversees and helps guide our lives from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and return to Spirit. Not knowing this fact is a severe handicap, as the Universe is designed to care for and nurture all its creatures and help make our life’s journey easier and more successful. When we learn how to connect with our angelic guides, our lives naturally fall into a pattern of ease and flow during which we grow our souls, fulfill our life’s purpose, and make our time on Earth endlessly entertaining. This fascinating and inspirational book by Sonia Choquette provides all the information you need to help you connect with your spirit guides so that you can enjoy all the love.

20. Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting by Doreen Virtue

angels 101 what does 101 mean

“Do you have a book about angels for someone who’s a complete beginner?” Doreen Virtue frequently heard this question at her workshops, so she usually directed audience members to her book Healing with the Angels. Yet she realized that even that work is a bit advanced for newcomers. One morning when she clearly saw and heard the title Angels 101, Doreen knew that the angels wanted her to write a basic primer on the subject of these celestial beings.

So, the book you hold in your hands is the result of that angelic directive: a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the ways that angels help us and how to call upon them; information on guardian angels and archangels; and frequently asked questions about the angels. No matter where you are on a spiritual or religious path, this book is sure to deepen your understanding and love of the angels—and it makes the perfect gift for someone new to these concepts!

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