Accessing Akashic Records Meditation

Accessing Akashic Records Meditation

The Akashic Records are spoken about by many individuals all around the world in different cultures believing in different aspects of the Akashic records. Did you know you can also Access your own Akashic Records, on this post I will go into accessing akashic records meditation? But some may be asking what is the Akashic records, think of it in the spiritual realm there are huge archives of information from everything you have done or said or are about to do.

Some call this the book of knowledge. I like to call it the spiritual library, as it does store all the information about one’s life in the Akashic Records. Which anyone can have access to and tap into the unknown and see what is going on in there lives and also access past lives and so much more.

Before we go into the whole aspect of accessing your Akashic records through a simple meditation I just want to go a bit into other ways of accessing them. Some people have claimed to glimpse at there Akashic Records through OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) and Astral Projection. Because the way to get to the Akashic Records and view yours you have to reach that certain vibration of energy point. This is why for the beginners out there reading this will find my meditation below to help them view there’s. I did write another Akashic Records blog post which many didn’t really seem to understand which I will remove as this one on this post is the best way for beginners and more understandable.

Preparing Yourself For Meditation

I have a lot of meditations across this site just browse through my posts if you are unsure of meditation. Before we begin with the meditation please prepare yourself. Find a location in your home or maybe outdoors, somewhere where you will not be disturbed.

If need be taken your phone off the hook or unplug, be sure to wear loose clothing so you feel comfortable. As relaxation is important during any meditations. You may find lighting candles and incense sticks will help you feel much more relaxed. Once you are ready then we will move onto below with the accessing akashic records meditation process enjoy.

Accessing akashic records meditation begin

As we start we will start off just like we would in normal meditation. Sit comfortably with your back straight and your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards. Close your eyes when you are ready, take a deep breath through your nose and hold for the count of 4 then slowly exhale out of the mouth. Again same as before inhale through the nose hold for 4 seconds before exhaling out the mouth. Keep doing this over and over again, you need to be in a very relaxed state which will enable you to raise your vibrational level up.

Now in your mind, I want you to speak to your spirit guide and ask them to draw close to you. If you are unsure they are around you, you can ask them to touch your shoulder or arm. You will most likely feel a tickle or tingle sensation on the body. Now ask them to assist you and help you reach the vibrational energy level to which you need to be at to enter the Akashic Records. Also, ask them to assist you along your journey.

Remember to keep doing the breathing exercise while you are doing all this to help you remain relaxed and at peace. You will notice you will be starting to feel very relaxed your vibrational energy levels are rising each time. Raise your vibration even higher by visualising a beam of white light and seeing your self-been beamed up higher and higher to the top. You will see a door open this door, once you have done this you may see images, colours and shapes you may also hear spirit voices. Ask your guides that you want to view your Akashic records, once you go through this door you may see darkness which will open up to a huge hall like a library or archives. Your guide will guide to your own Akashic records. Once you are viewing them you may sense a number of things while doing this.

You may see your own demise but please do not worry as this could be a past life it is showing you. View all you can if you get stuck along the way ask your guides to help and see what part of the Akashic records you would like to view. You may want to view a past life or what is coming up in your life. Whatever it is you want to know these Akashic records will show you all you need to know.

Once you have viewed all you need to know slowly come out of meditation deep breathing and telling your self you are calm and relaxed. Come out of meditation by counting down from 10 to 0 by deep breathing and each count tell your self you are relaxed and more aware.


Viewing your Akashic Records can be a great experience and also learn new things about your self and your life to even previous lives. You can use this to problem solve issues your having in your life and learn from previous lives and mistakes you may have had. You can learn a lot from viewing your own Akashic Records.