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UNEXPLAINED Lady by the mailbox by Mary
This happened when I was growing up.

We lived on a piece of property next to a state park, in a house my (step)grandfather had built. Prior to that, the land was undeveloped.
I used to "see things" sometimes, but my mother would usually tell me it was my imagination and that I just needed to stop being such a wuss.

Sometimes I wondered if I really was crazy; it didn't help that the household was dysfunctional and stressful and mom gaslighted me a lot, (mostly to tell me I wasn't actually being abused, HA).

Just trying to give background info.
Anyway. One bright morning, I saw someone poking around in our mailbox. It was an elderly lady in a pink housecoat. I couldn't figure out why she was there, so I called out to her. She turned to look at me, glared, and disappeared. By "disappeared" I mean she just stopped being there.

I was very weirded out, but I knew better than to say anything, and after going down and looking at the mailbox (which was no longer open) I decided to try to forget about the whole thing.

However, a couple of days later, I saw her again. And the moment I made a noise, she turned, glared, and vanished. She seemed really annoyed at me, but I didn't really feel a sense of menace. She was more like the neighbor a few houses down who disliked me because I was a child and therefore clearly about to break something or be loud or whatever. Unpleasant, but not dangerous.

It kept happening. Often. Not every day, but quite frequently. Through the end of winter, through spring, and into early summer. If I didn't make any noise, but just watched her, she would fade away after a couple of minutes. Not a Hollywood ghost fade; she was never translucent, but she would become less defined, start to look sort of smudgy, like a poorly printed picture, and then just... not be there anymore.

By late spring, I was feeling certain that she wasn't all in my head. So one day when I saw her, I slipped back into the house, got my mother, and asked her to come outside and look at the mailbox, but not to make any noise. I think she assumed I wanted her to see some interesting wildlife.

I was in luck. The old lady was still there. And my mother looked at the mailbox, looked startled, and called out, "Excuse me". As usual, housecoat lady turned, glared, and disappeared.

Mom looked surprised and alarmed. I said "I told you not to make any noise! She get mad and disappears if you do."
Mom looked at me, looked at the mailbox, looked at me. She looked scared and confused.
"But you saw her, right?" I said, "And she was wearing a pink housecoat?"

"I don't have time for this." And mom turned around and walked back into the house and ignored me completely when I tried to bring it up later. I didn't want to piss her off, (bad things happened when she got mad) so I dropped the subject. But I was super pleased, because if someone else saw it too, then I wasn't hallucinating or tricking myself.

The rest of the story is pretty anticlimactic. I kept seeing the old lady off and on, late morning to mid-afternoon, regardless of the weather. I saw her a couple of times that fall, but after that, never again.

My aunt still lives in that house. No one who looked like Pink Housecoat Lady has ever lived there, and nobody had died on the premises. My aunt has since taken down the mailbox (I think she has a P.O. box now because she travels a lot).

The only reason I'm sharing now is that two days ago, mom called me to tell me her gift had arrived, and on a wild impulse, I brought it up. Mom and I... well, we aren't close, but we're on speaking terms and normally I will not discuss anything relating to my childhood with her. Too much baggage.

But I said casually, "Hey, do you remember that old lady by the mailbox? The one in the pink housecoat who wasn't actually there? And when I showed her to you, you wouldn't discuss it?"

Mom didn't miss a beat. She replied, "Well, to be fair, the whole thing was pretty disconcerting."

I was shocked. Usually, mom denies anything that even remotely paints her in a bad light, for starters. But I was also exhilarated because it was proof. At least as much proof as anyone can get under circumstances like these.

Thanks for reading. Sorry, it was so long. Input as to what might have been going on is welcome. My best theory is some sort of timeslip or an alternate dimension, and I'm not 100% positive that either of those are real, although I try to keep an open mind. I do think, that whoever/whatever she was, she thought it was her mailbox.

Credit Goes to Mary on Reddit

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