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Meditation for Beginners
Before anyone can jump right into psychic development and practicing their abilities you need to learn how to quiet the mind. This can be achieved through calming the mind, body, and spirit through deep meditations allowing oneself to reach an altered brain state to connect with higher energies.


First, you will want to find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Also, be sure to wear loose clothing something you will feel comfortable and relaxed in. Make sure there will also be nothing else to interrupt you such as noise from external areas and also mobile phones on silent if you can.

Now that you are ready to take a moment to find a comfortable seating position preferably sat down. You can lay down but doing this you may fall asleep so try doing this sat up and be aware of your surroundings. Now sit straight with your hands on your knees and palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and start taking a deep breath through your nose and hold for the count of 4 and then slowly exhale out through the mouth. Keep doing this for 5 minutes or more until you really start to feel relaxed. 

By breathing through the nose it allows more oxygen to the brain and also allows you to feel more calm and relaxed. So remember to keep doing this breathe through your nose and hold for the count of 4 and then slowly exhale, keep doing this don't stop even when you feel more and more relaxed. Once you reached the relaxation now with your eyes closed still and still deep breathing. Visualize yourself in a woodland/forest and see yourself walking down the narrow pathways to venture into woodland. Keep walking and listen out for birds or nature sounds, try to make the sounds as clear as you can in your mind. Also, any scents/smells sounds and so on until its as though you are really there. 

The more real you can make this the better as you carry on walking into the woodlands you hear in distance water as you go deeper in you see a waterfall surrounded by rocks to which see yourself walking up closer and closer. As you see yourself at this waterfall you see a big rock kind of like a massive boulder which is beside the waterfall. See yourself sit on this and listen to the water from the waterfall and the sounds around you. Remain in this sections for 5 minutes doing your deep breathing through your nose for the count of 4 before exhaling slowly out through your mouth.

Once you have spent some time relaxing near the waterfall and you feel calm and relaxed slowly head the way which you came from. Walking back through the woodland listening to all nature sounds and any scents you can pick up while doing the deep breathing exercise. When you reach the end to the narrow pathway I want you to slowly in your mind count from 10 to 0. When you have done this slowly open your eye's but do not move straight away feel the peacefulness and the relaxation which as spread across your body before moving on with the rest of your day or night depending which time suits you best doing this meditation.

I tend to do this on a morning which gives me a great start to the day and again at night which helps me wind down and have a peaceful nights sleep. 

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