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Hey love the forum and love the paranormal, I am Sarah I am 21 years old from London. I had a strange dream of white unicorns and also it felt as though they was trying to bring me a message because it is weird because in real life my sister past away last year and ever since then I have had the same dream. It puzzles me but its like she is still around trying to communicate with me. Can spirits contact you through dreams is this my sister trying to communicate with me. All the dreams are is the same unicorn coming to see me. Please help me thank you in advance by the way found you through reddit and love the work you do.
First things first, Dreaming of unicorns shows a lot of positivity and energy around you. I do see at times you feel there is some kind of falseness in your life, I do see you have ups and downs most of the times you have had a lot of downs. I do also see you have success coming your way a lot of creativity and knowledge see learning ahead of you. New skills and doors opening for you and waiting for some news through the post which will arrive soon enough. Patience is needed and you will be rewarded with waiting for you soon see.

Your sister is always around you, you are blessed and she wants you to be happy then you were when you were in your younger years. Life did treat you bad but you beat that and you come out stronger than you were back then. Spirits can contact through your dream state to deliver messages, I do feel your sister is around you a lot and do feel as though she wants you to concentrate on the here and now as it's like she refers you to always thinking about the past and things you could or said and done to change things. Honest, you couldn't have done anything different you did your best just think positive and show the world what you are made of.
OMG, all this is spot on and makes so so much sense to me. Wow thank you so much you're amazing and have a great gift. Yes I often feel my sister around me still I know that sounds silly but I can sense her you know. I have had hard time in the best my sister was like a best friend than a family member if that doesn't sound weird. But again thank you kind sir for taking your time out to help me. You have a great forum and wish you success along the way and I will keep returning and post often as I can.

Thank You... <3 xxx

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